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2008Physical disturbance and subtidal habitat structure on open rocky coasts: Effects of wave exposure, extent and intensityWernberg-Moller, T.; Connell, S.
2009Land-to-sea connectivity: Linking human-derived terrestrial subsidies to subtidal habitat change on open rocky coastsGorman, D.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2011Seaweed communities in retreat from ocean warmingWernberg-Moller, T.; Russell, B.; Thomsen, M.; Gurgel, C.; Bradshaw, C.; Poloczanska, E.; Connell, S.
2010Effect of vessel voyage speed on survival of biofouling organisms: implications for translocation of non-indigenous marine speciesCoutts, A.; Piola, R.; Hewitt, C.; Connell, S.; Gardner, J.
2011Impacts of climate change in a global hotspot for temperate marine biodiversity and ocean warmingWernberg, T.; Russell, B.; Moore, P.; Ling, S.; Smale, D.; Campbell, A.; Coleman, M.; Steinberg, P.; Kendrick, G.; Connell, S.
2011Forecasted CO₂ modifies the influence of light in shaping subtidal habitatRussell, B.; Passarelli, C.; Connell, S.
2007Nonindigenous biota on artificial structures: could habitat creation facilitate biological invasions?Glasby, T.; Connell, S.; Holloway, M.; Hewitt, C.
2009Synergistic effects of climate change and local stressors: CO₂ and nutrient-driven change in subtidal rocky habitatsRussell, B.; Thompson, J.; Falkenberg, L.; Connell, S.
2001Predatory fish do not always affect the early development of epibiotic assemblagesConnell, S.
2006Differences in kelp morphology between wave sheltered and exposed localities: morphologically plastic or fixed traits?Fowler-Walker, M.; Wernberg, T.; Connell, S.