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2005Historical configuration of habitat influences the effects of disturbance on mobile invertebratesGoodsell, P.; Connell, S.
2007Habitat heterogeneity as a consequence of sub stratum-orientation and kelp-canopy: Relating interdependent responses to common patternsFowler-Walker, M.; Connell, S.
2003Associations of forest-type with morphology of Ecklonia radiata and abundance of understorey algaeIrving, A.; Fowler-Walker, M.; Connell, S.
2002Opposing states of subtidal habitat across temperate Australia: consistency and predictability in kelp canopy-benthic associationsFowler-Walker, M.; Connell, S.
2005Disturbance initiates diversity in recruitment of canopy-forming algae: interactive effects of canopy-thinning and substratum availabilityGoodsell, P.; Connell, S.
2002Effects of a predator and prey on a foraging reef fish: implications for understanding density-dependent growthConnell, S.
2011Impacts of climate change in a global hotspot for temperate marine biodiversity and ocean warmingWernberg, T.; Russell, B.; Moore, P.; Ling, S.; Smale, D.; Campbell, A.; Coleman, M.; Steinberg, P.; Kendrick, G.; Connell, S.
1999Do urban structures influence local abundance and diversity of subtidal epibiota? A case study from Sydney Harbour, AustraliaConnell, S.; Glasby, T.
1999Predation by fish on assemblages of intertidal epibiota: effects of predator size and patch sizeConnell, S.; Anderson, M.
1999Effects of Surface Orientation on the Cover of EpibiotaConnell, S.