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2005Evolution systematics and phylogeography of Pleistocene horses in the New World: a molecular perspectiveWeinstock, J.; Willerslev, E.; Sher, A.; Tong, W.; Ho, S.; Rubenstein, D.; Storer, J.; Burns, J.; Martin, L.; Bravi, C.; Prieto, A.; Froese, D.; Scott, E.; Xulong, L.; Cooper, A.
2007Ancient DNA, pig domestication, and the spread of the Neolithic into EuropeLarson, G.; Albarella, U.; Dobney, K.; Rowley-Conwy, P.; Schibler, J.; Tresset, A.; Vigne, J.; Edwards, C.; Schlumbaum, A.; Dinu, A.; Balacsescu, A.; Dolman, G.; Tagliacozzo, A.; Manaseryan, N.; Miracle, P.; Wijngaarden-Bakker, L.; Masseti, M.; Bradley, D.; Cooper, A.
2003Diverse plant and animal genetic records from Holocene and Pleistocene sedimentsWillerslev, E.; Hansen, A.; Binladen, J.; Brand, T.; Gilbert, M.; Shapiro, B.; Bunce, M.; Wiuf, C.; Gilichinsky, D.; Cooper, A.
2009Phylogeography of lions (Panthera leo ssp.) reveals three distinct taxa and a late Pleistocene reduction in genetic diversityBarnett, R.; Shapiro, B.; Barnes, I.; Ho, S.; Burger, J.; Yamaguchi, N.; Higham, T.; Wheeler, H.; Rosendahl, W.; Sher, A.; Sotnikova, M.; Kuznetsova, T.; Baryshnikov, G.; Martin, L.; Harington, C.; Burns, J.; Cooper, A.
2006The year of the mammothCooper, A.
2008Single primer extension (SPEX) amplification to accurately genotype highly damaged DNA templatesBrotherton, P.; Endicott, P.; Beaumont, M.; Barnett, R.; Austin, J.; Cooper, A.; Sanchez, J.
2009Resolving the evolution of extant and extinct ruminants with high-throughput phylogenomicsDecker, J.; Pires, J.; Conant, G.; McKay, S.; Heaton, M.; Chen, K.; Cooper, A.; Vilkkie, J.; Seabury, C.; Caetano, A.; Johnson, G.; Brenneman, R.; Hanotte, O.; Eggert, L.; Wiener, P.; Kim, J.; Kim, K.; Sonstegard, T.; Van Tassell, C.; Neibergs, H.; et al.
2006Histological correlates of post mortem mitochondrial DNA damage in degraded hairGilbert, M.; Janaway, R.; Tobin, D.; Cooper, A.; Wilson, A.
2006Resistance of degraded hair shafts to contaminant DNAGilbert, M.; Menez, L.; Janaway, R.; Tobin, D.; Cooper, A.; Wilson, A.
2008Ice age refugia and quaternary extinctions: an issue of quaternary evolutionary palaeoecologyStewart, J.; Cooper, A.