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2011Climate change and Australian marine and freshwater environments, fishes and fisheries: synthesis and options for adaptationKoehn, J.; Hobday, A.; Pratchett, M.; Gillanders, B.
2005Consistency of patterns between laboratory experiments and field collected fish in otolith chemistry: an example and applications for salinity reconstructionsElsdon, T.; Gillanders, B.
2006Marine nurseries and effective juvenile habitats: concepts and applicationsDahlgren, C.; Kellison, G.; Adams, A.; Gillanders, B.; Kendall, M.; Layman, C.; Ley, J.; Nagelkerken, I.; Serafy, J.
2006Use of otolith chemical signatures to estimate carp recruitment sources in the mid-Murray River, AustraliaCrook, D.; Gillanders, B.
2006Identifying migratory contingents of fish by combining otolith Sr : Ca with temporal collections of ambient Sr : Ca concentrationsElsdon, T.; Gillanders, B.
2011Variation in the strength of continental boundary currents determines continent-wide connectivity in kelpColeman, M.; Roughan, M.; Macdonald, H.; Connell, S.; Gillanders, B.; Kelaher, B.; Steinberg, P.
2002Spatial variability of trace elements in fish otoliths: comparison with dietary items and habitat constituents in seagrass meadowsSanchez-Jerez, P.; Gillanders, B.; Kingsford, M.
2002Interactive effects of temperature and salinity on otolith chemistry: challenges for determining environmental histories of fishElsdon, T.; Gillanders, B.
2004Fish otolith chemistry influenced by exposure to multiple environmental variablesElsdon, T.; Gillanders, B.
2005Chemical tags in otoliths indicate the importance of local and distant settlement areas to populations of a temperate sparid, Pagrus auratusHamer, P.; Jenkins, G.; Gillanders, B.