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2005Chemical tags in otoliths indicate the importance of local and distant settlement areas to populations of a temperate sparid, Pagrus auratusHamer, P.; Jenkins, G.; Gillanders, B.
2006Marine nurseries and effective juvenile habitatsLayman, C.; Dahlgren, C.; Kellison, G.; Adams, A.; Gillanders, B.; Kendall, M.; Miles, T.; Nagelkerken, I.; Serafy, J.
2010Optimising exclusion screens to control exotic carp in an Australian lowland riverHillyard, K.; Smith, B.; Conallin, A.; Gillanders, B.
2002Temporal and spatial variability in elemental composition of otoliths: implications for determining stock identity and connectivity of populationsGillanders, B.
2006Temporal variability in strontium, calcium, barium, and manganese in estuaries: Implications for reconstructing environmental histories of fish from chemicals in calcified structuresElsdon, T.; Gillanders, B.
2012Live fast, die young: the life cycle of the brooding feather star Aporometra wilsoni (Echinodermata: Crinoidea)Haig, J.; Gillanders, B.; Rouse, G.
2005Relationships between taxonomic resolution and spatial scales of multivariate variationAnderson, M.; Connell, S.; Gillanders, B.; Diebel, C.; Blom, W.; Saunders, J.; Landers, T.
2011Temperature and diet affect carbon and nitrogen isotopes of fish muscle: can amino acid nitrogen isotopes explain effects?Bloomfield, A.; Elsdon, T.; Walther, B.; Gier, E.; Gillanders, B.
2005Fish and invertebrate assemblages in seagrass, mangrove, saltmarsh, and nonvegetated habitatsBloomfield, A.; Gillanders, B.
2012Temporal variability in estuarine fish otolith elemental fingerprints: implications for connectivity assessmentsReis Dos Santos, P.; Gillanders, B.; Tanner, S.; Vasconcelos, R.; Elsdon, T.; Cabral, H.