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2002A set of polymorphic microsatellites for Vochysia ferruginea a promising tree for land reclamation in the NeotropicsLowe, A.; Goodall-Copestake, W.; Caron, H.; Kremer, A.; Decroocq, S.
2012No consistent association between changes in genetic diversity and adaptive responses of Australian acacias in novel rangesHarris, C.; Dormontt, E.; Le Roux, J.; Lowe, A.; Leishman, M.
2010Testing putative African tropical forest refugia using chloroplast and nuclear DNA phylogeographyLowe, A.; Harris, D.; Dormontt, E.
2008Adaptive evolution in invasive speciesPrentis, P.; Wilson, J.; Dormontt, E.; Richardson, D.; Lowe, A.
2009Something in the way you move: dispersal pathways affect invasion successWilson, J.; Dormontt, E.; Prentis, P.; Lowe, A.; Richardson, D.
2009Biogeographic concepts define invasion biologyWilson, J.; Dormontt, E.; Prentis, P.; Lowe, A.; Richardson, D.
2013Which provenance and where? Seed sourcing strategies for revegetation in a changing environmentBreed, M.; Stead, M.; Ottewell, K.; Gardner, M.; Lowe, A.
2012Leaf morphology shift linked to climate changeGuerin, G.; Wen, H.; Lowe, A.
2007Can hybridization cause local extinction: a case for demographic swamping of the Australian native Senecio pinnatifolius by the invasive Senecio madagascariensis?Prentis, P.; White, E.; Radford, I.; Lowe, A.; Clarke, A.
2012Leaf evolution in Southern Hemisphere conifers tracks the angiosperm ecological radiationBiffin, E.; Brodribb, T.; Hill, R.; Thomas, P.; Lowe, A.