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2002Transferability and genome specificity of a new set of microsatellite primers among Brassica species of the U triangleLowe, A.; Jones, A.; Raybould, A.; Trick, M.; Moule, C.; Edwards, K.
2005Historical and contemporary mating patterns in remnant populations of the forest tree fraxinus excelsior LBacles, C.; Burczyk, J.; Lowe, A.; Ennos, R.
2009Molecular markers and the management of tropical trees: The case of indigenous fruitsJamnadass, R.; Lowe, A.; Dawson, I.
2010A case for incorporating phylogeography and landscape genetics into species distribution modelling approaches to improve climate adaptation and conservation planningScoble, J.; Lowe, A.
2010Domestication of indigenous fruit and nut trees for agroforestry in the Solomon IslandsPauku, R.; Lowe, A.; Leakey, R.
2010A DNA method to verify the integrity of timber supply chains; Confirming the legal sourcing of merbau timber from logging concession to sawmillLowe, A.; Wong, K.; Tiong, Y.; Iyerh, S.; Chew, F.
2012Improving biodiversity monitoringLindenmayer, D.; Gibbons, P.; Bourke, M.; Burgman, M.; Dickman, C.; Ferrier, S.; Fitzsimons, J.; Freudenberger, D.; Garnett, S.; Groves, C.; Hobbs, R.; Kingsford, R.; Krebs, C.; Legge, S.; Lowe, A.; McLean, R.; Montambault, J.; Possingham, H.; Radford, J.; Robinson, D.; et al.
2011The application of DNA methods to timber tracking and origin verificationLowe, A.; Cross, H.
2008Understanding population structure and historical demography in a conservation context: population genetics of an endangered fernKang, M.; Huang, H.; Jiang, M.; Lowe, A.
2007Testing the role of genetic factors across multiple independent invasions of the shrub Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius)Kang, M.; Buckley, Y.; Lowe, A.