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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Clarifying climate change adaptation responses for scattered trees in modified landscapesBreed, M.; Ottewell, K.; Gardner, M.; Lowe, A.
2012Shifts in reproductive assurance strategies and inbreeding costs associated with habitat fragmentation in Central American mahoganyBreed, M.; Gardner, M.; Ottewell, K.; Navarro, C.; Lowe, A.
2012Pollen diversity matters: revealing the neglected effect of pollen diversity on fitness in fragmented landscapesBreed, M.; Marklund, M.; Ottewell, K.; Gardner, M.; Harris, J.; Lowe, A.
2011Rise of the machines - recommendations for ecologists when using next generation sequencing for microsatellite developmentGardner, M.; Fitch, A.; Bertozzi, T.; Lowe, A.
2002Leaf morphological differentiation between Quercus robur and Quercus petraea is stable across western European mixed oak standsKremer, A.; Dupouey, J.; Deans, J.; Cottrell, J.; Csaikl, U.; Finkeldey, R.; Espinel, S.; Jensen, J.; Kleinschmit, J.; van Dam, B.; Ducousso, A.; Forrest, I.; de Heredia, U.; Lowe, A.; Tutkova, M.; Munro, R.; Steinhoff, S.; Badeau, V.
2005Optimal sampling strategy for estimation of spatial genetic structure in tree populationsCavers, S.; Degen, B.; Caron, H.; Lemes, M.; Margis, R.; Salgueiro, F.; Lowe, A.
2005To self or not to self... A review of outcrossing and pollen-mediated gene flow in neotropical treesWard, M.; Dick, C.; Gribel, R.; Lowe, A.
2007Isolation and characterization of polymorphic microsatellite loci for the invasive plant Cytisus scopariusKang, M.; Lowe, A.; Buckley, Y.
2002Identification of refugia and post-glacial colonisation routes of European white oaks based on chloroplast DNA and fossil pollen evidencePetit, R.; Brewer, S.; Bordacs, S.; Burg, K.; Cheddadi, R.; Coart, E.; Cottrell, J.; Csaikl, U.; van Dam, B.; Deans, J.; Espinel, S.; Fineschi, S.; Finkeldey, R.; Glaz, I.; Goicoechea, P.; Jensen, J.; Konig, A.; Lowe, A.; Madsen, S.; Matyas, G.; et al.
2011Plant DNA barcodes can accurately estimate species richness in poorly known florasCostion, C.; Ford, A.; Cross, H.; Crayn, D.; Harrington, M.; Lowe, A.