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2005Genetic differentiation in Scottish populations of the pine beauty moth Panolis flammea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)Lowe, A.; Hicks, B.; Worley, K.; Ennos, R.; Morman, J.; Stone, G.; Watt, A.
2009Genetic resources and domestication of macadamiaHardner, C.; Peace, C.; Lowe, A.; Neal, J.; Pisanu, P.; Powell, M.; Schmidt, A.; Spain, C.; Williams, K.
2010Did Kauri (Agathis: Araucariaceae) really survive the Oligocene drowning of New Zealand?Biffin, E.; Hill, R.; Lowe, A.
2011Is rapid adaptive evolution important in successful invasions?Dormontt, E.; Lowe, A.; Prentis, P.
2011Consequences of long- and short-term fragmentation on the genetic diversity and differentiation of a late successional rainforest coniferMellick, R.; Lowe, A.; Rossetto, M.
2003Comparison of fine-scale genetic structure using nuclear microsatellites within two British oakwoods differing in population historyCottrell, J.; Munro, R.; Tabbener, H.; Milner, A.; Forrest, G.; Lowe, A.
2009A landscape genetics approach for quantifying the relative influence of historic and contemporary habitat heterogeneity on the genetic connectivity of a rainforest birdPavlacky, D.; Goldizen, A.; Prentis, P.; Nicholls, J.; Lowe, A.
2002Comparison of levels of genetic diversity detected with AFLP and microsatellite markers within and among mixed Q-petraea (MATT.) LIEBL. and Q-robur L. standsMariette, S.; Cottrell, J.; Csaikl, U.; Goikoechea, P.; Konig, A.; Lowe, A.; van Dam, B.; Barreneche, T.; Bodenes, C.; Streiff, R.; Burg, K.; Groppe, K.; Munro, R.; Tabbener, H.; Kremer, A.
2006Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci from MacadamiaSchmidt, A.; Scott, L.; Lowe, A.
2005Contrasting quantitative traits and neutral genetic markers for genetic resource assessment of Mesoamerican Cedrela odorataNavarro, C.; Cavers, S.; Pappinen, A.; Tigerstedt, P.; Lowe, A.; Merila, J.