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1999The Influence of Changes to Mixing on the Sooting and NOX Emission Characteristics of Unconfined Turbulent Jet Diffusion FlamesNewbold, G.; Nathan, G.
1997Velocity and Reynolds stresses in a precessing jet flowSchneider, G.; Hooper, J.; Musgrove, A.; Nathan, G.; Luxton, R.
2005Dependence of a plane turbulent jet on its nozzle contraction profileDeo, R.; Mi, J.; Nathan, G.; International Conference on Jets, Wakes and Separated Flows (2005 : Toba-Shi, Mie, Japan)
2004Preliminary examinations of a 'Round Jet Initial Condition Anomaly' for the k-ε turbulence modelSmith, E.; Mi, J.; Nathan, G.; Dally, B.; Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (15th : 2004 : Sydney, Australia)
2003Range of validity of a modified k-epsilon model of the non-reacting flow from a precessing jet nozzleSmith, E.; Nathan, G.; Dally, B.; International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Minerals and Process Industries (3rd : 2003 : Melbourne, Austalia)
2003Assessment of a simple 2-D steady state model of the flow field emerging from the precessing jet nozzleSmith, E.; Nathan, G.; Dally, B.; Engineering Mathematics and Applications Conference (6th : 2003 : Sydney, Australia)
2003Design optimisation of a MILD combustion furnace based on CFD modellingSzego, G.; Dally, B.; Nathan, G.; Christo, F.; Australian Symposium on Combustion (2003 : Melbourne, Vic.)
2005Effect of the precession Strouhal number on naturally precessing jet flamesMi, J.; Nathan, G.; Asia-Pacific Conference on Combustion (5th : 2005 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2005The near-field structure of free jets from a contoured nozzle, a long pipe and an orifice plateWong, C.; Nathan, G.; Mi, J.; Australian Conference on Laser Diagnostics in Fluid Mechanics and Combustion (4th : 2005 : McLaren Vale, South Australia)
2004Mixing characteristics of a notched-rectangular jet and a circular jetMi, J.; Kalt, P.; Nathan, G.; Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (15th : 2004 : Sydney, Australia)