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1991A molecular and evolutionary study of the [beta]-globin gene family of Sminthopsis crassicaudata / by Steven J.B. CooperCooper, Steven John Baynard
1996Low frequency of extra-pair paternity in two colonies of the socially monogamous Short-tailed Shearwater (Puffinus tenuirostris).Austin, J.; Parkin, D.
1997Water for Food - The Continuing DebateMeyer, Wayne Stewart
1994Hatching success of the Short-tailed Shearwater (Puffinus tenuirostris) in two Tasmanian coloniesAustin, J.; Edmunds, M.
1994Critical flow and blooms of the cyanobacterium Anabaena circinalis in the Murray River systemBurch, M.; Steffenson, D.; Bursill, D.; Bain, D.; Ganf, G.; Brookes, J.; Environmental Flows Seminar (25-26 August 1994 : Canberra, ACT)
1995Pollution monitoring using chironomid larvae: What is a deformity?Madden, C.; Austin, A.; Suter, P.
1996Terrestrial InvertebratesAustin, A.; Baker, G.; Colman, P.; Fisher, R.; Harvey, M.; Hirst, D.; Locket, N.; Reay, F.
1999Depth and the structure of assemblages of demersal fish: experimental trawling along a temperate coastConnell, S.; Lincoln-Smith, M.
1997Morphological and electrophoretic taxonomy of the Australian eucalypt leaf-blister sawfly genus Phylacteophaga (Hymenoptera: Pergidae): a potential major pest group of eucalypts worldwideMayo, G.; Austin, A.; Adams, M.
1999The influence of light and nutrients on buoyancy, filament aggregation and flotation of Anabaena circinalisBrookes, J.; Ganf, G.; Green, D.; Whittington, J.