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2010Changes in abiotic and biotic phosphorus uptake across a gadient of stream conditionAldridge, K.; Brookes, J.; Ganf, G.
2010Vertical distributions of chlorophyll in deep, warm monomictic lakesHamilton, D.; O'Brien, K.; Burford, M.; Brookes, J.; McBride, C.
2012Comparison of efficacy of two P-inactivation agents on sediments from different regions of Lake Taihu: sediment core incubationsDing, Y.; Qin, B.; Xu, H.; Dong, B.; Brookes, J.
2010Investigations into the biodegradation of microcystin-LR in wastewatersHo, L.; Hoefel, D.; Palazot, S.; Sawade, E.; Newcombe, G.; Saint, C.; Brookes, J.
2010Assessment of riverine ecological condition in the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia: implications for restorationDeegan, B.; Ganf, G.; Brookes, J.
2012Myponga Reservoir, South Australia: the influence of nutrients, phytoplankton, pathogens, and organic carbon on water qualityvan der Linden, L.; Hipsey, M.; Burch, M.; Brookes, J.
2010Water quality in the Lower LakesAldridge, K.; Brookes, J.
2012Cyanobacteria sensitivity to environmental factors at a global scale: testing Bayesian networks to determine probability of blooms occuranceRigosi, A.; Brookes, J.; Bois, J.; European Large Lakes Symposium (3rd : 2012 : Konstanz, Germany)
2010Biological filtration for the removal of chemical contaminants from re-use waterHo, L.; Kayal, N.; Hoefel, D.; Palazot, S.; Newcombe, G.; Hyde, K.; Saint, C.; Brookes, J.; Ozwater Convention & Exhibition (2010 : Brisbane, Queensland)
2010Trophodynamics of the Coorong: spatial variability in food web structure along a hypersaline coastal lagoonDeegan, B.; Lamontagne, S.; Aldridge, K.; Brookes, J.