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2012Live fast, die young: the life cycle of the brooding feather star Aporometra wilsoni (Echinodermata: Crinoidea)Haig, J.; Gillanders, B.; Rouse, G.
2011Temperature and diet affect carbon and nitrogen isotopes of fish muscle: can amino acid nitrogen isotopes explain effects?Bloomfield, A.; Elsdon, T.; Walther, B.; Gier, E.; Gillanders, B.
2010Interpreting diel activity patterns from acoustic telemetry: the need for controlsPayne, N.; Gillanders, B.; Webber, D.; Semmens, J.
2011Using enriched stable isotopes of barium and magnesium to batch mark otoliths of larval golden perch (Macquaria ambigua, Richardson)Woodcock, S.; Gillanders, B.; Munro, A.; McGovern, F.; Crook, D.; Sanger, A.
2012Morphological and chemical analysis of archaeological fish otoliths from the Lower Murray River, South AustraliaDisspain, M.; Wilson, C.; Gillanders, B.
2012The use of food resources by 0+ snapper, Chrysophrys auratus, from northern Spencer Gulf, South AustraliaSaunders, R.; Fowler, A.; Gillanders, B.
2012Hypersaline waters pose new challenges for reconstructing environmental histories of fish based on otolith chemistryGillanders, B.; Munro, A.
2011Determining mark success of 15 combinations of enriched stable isotopes for the batch marking of larval otolithsWoodcock, S.; Gillanders, B.; Munro, A.; Crook, D.; Sanger, A.
2011Elemental uptake via immersion: a mass-marking technique for the early life-history stages of cephalopodsPayne, N.; Semmens, J.; Gillanders, B.
2012Temporal variability in estuarine fish otolith elemental fingerprints: implications for connectivity assessmentsReis Dos Santos, P.; Gillanders, B.; Tanner, S.; Vasconcelos, R.; Elsdon, T.; Cabral, H.