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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Pollen diversity matters: revealing the neglected effect of pollen diversity on fitness in fragmented landscapesBreed, M.; Marklund, M.; Ottewell, K.; Gardner, M.; Harris, J.; Lowe, A.
2011Rise of the machines - recommendations for ecologists when using next generation sequencing for microsatellite developmentGardner, M.; Fitch, A.; Bertozzi, T.; Lowe, A.
2011Plant DNA barcodes can accurately estimate species richness in poorly known florasCostion, C.; Ford, A.; Cross, H.; Crayn, D.; Harrington, M.; Lowe, A.
2012Significant population genetic structure detected for a new and highly restricted species of Atriplex (Chenopodiaceae) from Western Australia, and implications for conservation managementClarke, L.; Jardine, D.; Byrne, M.; Shepherd, K.; Lowe, A.
2010Chloroplast DNA microsatellites reveal contrasting phylogeographic structure in mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla King, Meliaceae) from Amazonia and Central AmericaLemes, M.; Dick, C.; Navarro, C.; Lowe, A.; Cavers, S.; Gribel, R.
2012Biodiversity monitoring in the Australian rangelandsWhite, I.; Foulkes, J.; Sparrow, B.; Lowe, A.
2010Did Kauri (Agathis: Araucariaceae) really survive the Oligocene drowning of New Zealand?Biffin, E.; Hill, R.; Lowe, A.
2011Is rapid adaptive evolution important in successful invasions?Dormontt, E.; Lowe, A.; Prentis, P.
2011Consequences of long- and short-term fragmentation on the genetic diversity and differentiation of a late successional rainforest coniferMellick, R.; Lowe, A.; Rossetto, M.
2011DNA barcoding of invasive speciesCross, H.; Lowe, A.; Gurgel, C.