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2010The biggest losersRoberts, R.; Brook, B.
2010Why vs Why: Nuclear PowerBrook, B.; Lowe, I.
2010Modes of speciation in subterranean diving beetles from a single calcrete aquifer in Central Western Australia.Bradford, Tessa Margaret
2010The role of hydrology in determining the distribution patterns of invasive willows (Salix) and dominant native trees in the lower River Murray (South Australia).Gehrig, Susan L.
2010The effect of habitat fragmentation and population isolation on the genetic diversity, reproductive status and population viability of the southern hairy-nosed wombat (Lasiorhinus latifrons) in South Australia.Sparrow, Elisa
2010Systematics and diversity of Australian pygopodoid geckos (Pygopodoidea, Gekkota, Squamata).Oliver, Paul M.
2010Molecular phylogeny of the small carpenter bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Ceratinini) indicates early and rapid global dispersalRehan, S.; Chapman, T.; Craigie, A.; Richards, M.; Cooper, S.; Schwarz, Q.
2010Finding needles (or ants) in haystacks: predicting locations of invasive organisms to inform eradication and containmentSchmidt, D.; Spring, D.; Mac Nally, R.; Thomson, J.; Brook, B.; Cacho, O.; McKenzie, M.
2010Life history traits and foraging behaviour of Cotesia nonagriae (Ollif) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a newly recognised member of the Cotesia flavipes complex of stemborer parasitoidsMuirhead, K.; Sallam, N.; Austin, A.
2010Is the Australian subterranean fauna uniquely diverse?Guzik, M.; Austin, A.; Cooper, S.; Harvey, M.; Humphreys, W.; Bradford, T.; Eberhard, S.; King, R.; Leijs, R.; Muirhead, K.; Tomlinson, M.