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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010And then there were none?Roberts, R.; Brook, B.
2010Deforestation and avian extinction on tropical landbridge islandsSodhi, N.; Wilcove, D.; Lee, T.; Sekercioglu, C.; Subaraj, R.; Bernard, H.; Yong, D.; Lim, S.; Prawiradilaga, D.; Brook, B.
2010Evolution in caves: Darwin's 'wrecks of ancient life' in the molecular eraJuan, C.; Guzik, M.; Jaume, D.; Cooper, S.
2010Testing putative African tropical forest refugia using chloroplast and nuclear DNA phylogeographyLowe, A.; Harris, D.; Dormontt, E.
2010Solvent effects on two-line atomic fluorescence of indiumChan, Q.; Medwell, P.; Kalt, P.; Alwahabi, Z.; Dally, B.; Nathan, G.
2010Improving the performance of the roundtable on sustainable palm oil for nature conservationLaurance, W.; Koh, L.; Butler, R.; Sodhi, N.; Bradshaw, C.; Neidel, J.; Consunji, H.; Vega, J.
2010Ancient DNA from European early Neolithic farmers reveals their near eastern affinitiesHaak, W.; Balanovsky, O.; Sanchez, J.; Koshel, S.; Zaporozhchenko, V.; Adler, C.; Dersarkissian, C.; Brandt, G.; Schwarz, C.; Nicklisch, N.; Dresely, V.; Fritsch, B.; Balanovska, E.; Villems, R.; Meller, H.; Alt, K.; Cooper, A.
2010Mechanisms driving change: altered species interactions and ecosystem function through global warmingTraill, L.; Lim, M.; Sodhi, N.; Bradshaw, C.
2010Massively parallel sequencing and analysis of expressed sequence tags in a successful invasive plantPrentis, P.; Woolfit, M.; Thomas-Hall, S.; Ortiz-Barrientos, D.; Pavasovic, A.; Lowe, A.; Schenk, P.
2010Effect of vessel voyage speed on survival of biofouling organisms: implications for translocation of non-indigenous marine speciesCoutts, A.; Piola, R.; Hewitt, C.; Connell, S.; Gardner, J.