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2010Future habitat loss and the conservation of plant biodiversityGiam, X.; Bradshaw, C.; Tan, H.; Sodhi, N.
2010Differences in root architecture influence attraction of fishes to mangroves: a field experiment mimicking roots of different length, orientation, and complexityNagelkerken, I.; De Schryver, A.; Verweij, M.; Dahdouh-Guebas, F.; van der Velde, G.; Koedam, N.
2010Reservoir inflow monitoring for improved management of treated water quality - a South Australian experienceHobson, P.; Fabris, R.; Develter, E.; Van Der Linden, L.; Burch, M.; Brookes, J.
2010Genetic variation among Helicoverpa armigera populations as assessed by microsatellites: a cautionary tale about accurate allele scoringWeeks, A.; Endersby, N.; Lange, C.; Lowe, A.; Zalucki, M.; Hoffmann, A.
2010Genetic heritage and native identity of the Seaconke Wampanoag tribe of MassachusettsZhadanov, S.; Dulik, M.; Markley, M.; Jennings, G.; Gaieski, J.; Elias, G.; Schurr, T.; Cooper, A.
2010Contrasting responses to water deficits of Nothofagus species from tropical New Guinea and high-latitude temperate forests: can rainfall regimes constrain latitudinal range?Read, J.; Hill, R.; Hope, G.
2010Why tropical island endemics are acutely susceptible to global changeFordham, D.; Brook, B.
2010Environmental and spatial predictors of species richness and abundance in coral reef fishesMellin, C.; Bradshaw, C.; Meekan, M.; Caley, M.
2010Forest fragment and breeding habitat characteristics explain frog diversity and abundance in SingaporeBickford, D.; Ng, T.; Qie, L.; Kudavidanage, E.; Bradshaw, C.
2010Interpreting diel activity patterns from acoustic telemetry: the need for controlsPayne, N.; Gillanders, B.; Webber, D.; Semmens, J.