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2011An aggregative response of the tropical Australian magpie goose (Anseranas semipalmata) to seasonal floodplainsTraill, L.; Brook, B.
2011Molecular and morphological evidence for short range endemism in the Kinnecaris solitaria complex (Copepoda: Parastenocarididae), with descriptions of seven new speciesKaranovic, T.; Cooper, S.
2011Reconstructing the dynamics of ancient human populations from radiocarbon dates: 10 000 years of population growth in AustraliaJohnson, C.; Brook, B.
2011Condensation origin for Neoproterozoic cap carbonates during deglaciationKennedy, M.; Christie-Blick, N.
2011Deep phylogeographic structuring of populations of the trapdoor spider Moggridgea tingle (Migidae) from southwestern Australia: evidence for long-term refugia within refugiaCooper, S.; Harvey, M.; Saint, K.; Main, B.
2011Habitat use, population dynamics and species identification of mulgara, Dasycercus blythi and D. cristicauda, in a zone of sympatry in central AustraliaPavey, C.; Nano, C.; Cooper, S.; Cole, J.; McDonald, P.
2011Understanding Earth's Deep Past: Lessons for Our Climate FutureMontanez, I.; Norris, R.; Algeo, T.; Chandler, M.; Johnson, K.; Kennedy, M.; Kent, D.; Kiehl, J.; Kump, L.; Ravelo, A.; Turekian, K.
2011Mitochondrial DNA analysis of the evolution and genetic diversity of ancient and extinct bears.Bray, Sarah Catherine
2011Endemic predators, invasive prey and native diversityWanger, T.; Wielgoss, A.; Motzke, I.; Clough, Y.; Brook, B.; Sodhi, N.; Tscharntke, T.
2011How carbon pricing changes the relative competitiveness of low-carbon baseload generating technologiesNicholson, M.; Biegler, T.; Brook, B.