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2011Primary forests are irreplaceable for sustaining tropical biodiversityGibson, L.; Lee, T.; Koh, L.; Brook, B.; Gardner, T.; Barlow, J.; Peres, C.; Bradshaw, C.; Laurance, W.; Lovejoy, T.; Sodhi, N.
2011Resilience to bloomsBrookes, J.; Carey, C.
2011The evolution of gene expression levels in mammalian organsBrawand, D.; Soumillon, M.; Necsulea, A.; Julien, P.; Csardi, G.; Harrigan, P.; Weier, M.; Liechti, A.; Aximu-Petri, A.; Kircher, M.; Albert, F.; Zeller, U.; Khaitovich, P.; Grutzner, F.; Bergmann, S.; Nielsen, R.; Paabo, S.; Kaessmann, H.
2011Nautilus at risk - estimating population size and demography of Nautilus pompiliusDunstan, A.; Bradshaw, C.; Marshall, N.
2011Seaweed communities in retreat from ocean warmingWernberg-Moller, T.; Russell, B.; Thomsen, M.; Gurgel, C.; Bradshaw, C.; Poloczanska, E.; Connell, S.
2011Forecasted CO₂ modifies the influence of light in shaping subtidal habitatRussell, B.; Passarelli, C.; Connell, S.
2011Offstream movements of fish during drought in a regulated lowland riverConallin, A.; Hillyard, K.; Walker, K.; Gillanders, B.; Smith, B.
2011Diversification history and hybridisation of Dacrydium (Podocarpaceae) in remote OceaniaKeppel, G.; Prentis, P.; Biffin, E.; Hodgskiss, P.; Tuisese, S.; Tuiwawa, M.; Lowe, A.
2011Building evolutionary resilience for conserving biodiversity under climate changeSgro, C.; Lowe, A.; Hoffmann, A.
2011In situ measures of foraging success and prey encounter reveal marine habitat-dependent search strategiesThums, M.; Bradshaw, C.; Hindell, M.