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2012The Aftermath of Megafaunal Extinction: Ecosystem Transformation in Pleistocene AustraliaRule, S.; Brook, B.; Haberle, S.; Turney, C.; Kershaw, A.; Johnson, C.
2012The influence of authigenic clay formation on the mineralogy and stable isotopic record of lacustrine carbonatesBristow, T.; Kennedy, M.; Morrison, K.; Mrofka, D.
2012Difficulties barcoding in the dark: the case of crustacean stygofauna from eastern AustraliaAsmyhr, M.; Cooper, S.
2012Strength of sea urchin herbivory and condition from biogeographic to organismal scales.Livore, Juan Pablo
2012Quaternary Extinctions and Their Link to Climate ChangeBrook, B.; Barnosky, A.
2012Multiple biogeographical barriers identified across the monsoon tropics of northern Australia: phylogeographic analysis of the brachyotis group of rock-wallabiesPotter, S.; Eldridge, M.; Taggart, D.; Cooper, S.
2012Does the global stratigraphic reproducibility of δ¹³C in Neoproterozoic carbonates require a marine origin? A Pliocene–Pleistocene comparisonSwart, P.; Kennedy, M.
2012Phylogenetic relationships of rock-wallabies, Petrogale (Marsupialia: Macropodidae) and their biogeographic history within AustraliaPotter, S.; Cooper, S.; Metcalfe, C.; Taggart, D.; Eldridge, M.
2012Habitat connectivity, more than species' biology, influences genetic differentiation in a habitat specialist, the short-eared rock-wallaby (Petrogale brachyotis)Potter, S.; Eldridge, M.; Cooper, S.; Paplinska, J.; Taggart, D.
2012A first look at monotreme meiotic recombination.Horan, Sonia