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2012The influence of rate heterogeneity among sites on the time dependence of molecular ratesSoubrier, J.; Steel, M.; Lee, M.; Dersarkissian, C.; Guindon, S.; Ho, S.; Cooper, A.
2012Leaf morphology shift linked to climate changeGuerin, G.; Wen, H.; Lowe, A.
2012Stability of strong species interactions resist the synergistic effects of local and global pollution in kelp forestsFalkenberg, L.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2012Leaf evolution in Southern Hemisphere conifers tracks the angiosperm ecological radiationBiffin, E.; Brodribb, T.; Hill, R.; Thomas, P.; Lowe, A.
2012Context-dependency in the effects of nutrient loading and consumers on the availability of space in marine rocky environmentsBulleri, F.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2012Predicting ecosystem shifts requires new approaches that integrate the effects of climate change across entire systemsRussell, B.; Harley, C.; Wernberg, T.; Mieszkowska, N.; Widdicombe, S.; Hall-Spencer, J.; Connell, S.
2012Reducing per capita food supply alters urchin condition and habitatLivore, J.; Connell, S.
2012Eco-physiological adaptations that favour freshwater cyanobacteria in a changing climateCarey, C.; Ibelings, B.; Hoffmann, E.; Hamilton, D.; Brookes, J.
2012High-resolution coproecology: using coprolites to reconstruct the habits and habitats of New Zealand's extinct upland Moa (Megalapteryx didinus)Wood, J.; Wilmshurst, J.; Wagstaff, S.; Worthy, T.; Rawlence, N.; Cooper, A.
2012Sources of otolith barium and strontium in estuarine fish and the influence of salinity and temperatureWebb, S.; Woodcock, S.; Gillanders, B.