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2012Cyanobacteria sensitivity to environmental factors at a global scale: testing Bayesian networks to determine probability of blooms occuranceRigosi, A.; Brookes, J.; Bois, J.; European Large Lakes Symposium (3rd : 2012 : Konstanz, Germany)
2012Capsaicin as a deterrent against introduced mammalian nest predatorsBaylis, S.; Cassey, P.; Hauber, M.
2012Systematics of Australian Agenioideus Ashmead (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) with the first record of a spider wasp parasitizing Latrodectus hasselti Thorell (redback spider)Krogmann, L.; Austin, A.
2011Application of chemical looping combustion for solar thermal energy storageJafarian, S.; Arjomandi, M.; Nathan, G.; Nasehi, S.; Australian Combustion Symposium (2011 : Shoal Bay, NSW)
2012Function and evolution of the piRNA pathway in the amniote gonad and human ovarian cancer.Lim, Shu Ly
2012Early Cambrian metazoans in fluvial environments, evidence of the non-marine Cambrian radiation: ReplyKennedy, M.; Droser, M.
2012A hymenopterists' guide to the hymenoptera anatomy ontology: utility, clarification, and future directionsSeltmann, K.; Austin, A.; Jennings, J.
2012A tropical perspective on conserving the boreal 'lung of the planet'Warkentin, I.; Bradshaw, C.
2012Could nuclear fission energy, etc., solve the greenhouse problem? The affirmative caseBrook, B.
2012Development and characterization of 13 new, and cross amplification of 3, polymorphic nuclear microsatellite loci in the common myna (Acridotheres tristis)Berthouly-Salazar, C.; Cassey, P.; van Vuuren, B.; van Rensburg, B.; Hui, C.; Gardner, M.; Le Roux, J.