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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Leaf fossils of Banksia (Proteaceae) from New Zealand: An Australian abroadCarpenter, R.; Jordan, G.; Lee, D.; Hill, R.
2011Silcrete plant fossils from Lightning Ridge, New South Wales: new evidence for climate change and monsoon elements in the Australian CenozoicCarpenter, R.; Goodwin, M.; Hill, R.; Kanold, K.
2011Decoding fingerprints: elemental composition of vertebrae correlates to age-related habitat use in two morphologically similar sharksTillett, B.; Meekan, M.; Parry, D.; Munksgaard, N.; Field, I.; Thorburn, D.; Bradshaw, C.
2011High conifer diversity in Oligo-Miocene New ZealandJordan, G.; Carpenter, R.; Bannister, J.; Lee, D.; Mildenhall, D.; Hill, R.
2012Predicting the distribution of commercially important invertebrate stocks under future climateRussell, B.; Connell, S.; Mellin, C.; Brook, B.; Burnell, O.; Fordham, D.
2010Impact of time since collection on avian eggshell color: a comparison of museum and fresh egg specimensCassey, P.; Maurer, G.; Duval, C.; Ewen, J.; Hauber, M.
2015Understanding and encouraging greater nature engagement in Australia: results from a national surveyZuo, A.; Wheeler, S.; Edwards, J.
2012Changes in size distributions of commercially exploited sharks over 25 years in northern Australia using a Bayesian approachField, I.; Buckworth, R.; Yang, G.J.; Meekan, M.; Johnson, G.; Stevens, J.; Pillans, R.; McMahon, C.; Bradshaw, C.
2017Leaf fossils of Proteaceae subfamily Persoonioideae, tribe Persoonieae: tracing the past of an important Australasian sclerophyll lineageCarpenter, R.; Tarran, M.; Hill, R.
2010Wetland conservation and sustainable use under global change: a tropical Australian case study using magpie geeseTraill, L.; Bradshaw, C.; Delean, J.; Brook, B.