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2012Multiple biogeographical barriers identified across the monsoon tropics of northern Australia: phylogeographic analysis of the brachyotis group of rock-wallabiesPotter, S.; Eldridge, M.; Taggart, D.; Cooper, S.
2011DNA barcoding of invasive speciesCross, H.; Lowe, A.; Gurgel, C.
2011Biogeographic barriers in north-western Australia: an overview and standardisation of nomenclatureEldridge, M.; Potter, S.; Cooper, S.
2011Twenty Landmark Papers in Biodiversity ConservationBradshaw, C.; Sodhi, N.; Laurance, W.; Brook, B.
2011Chromosomal speciation revisited: modes of diversification in Australian morabine grasshoppers (Vandiemenella, viatica species group)Kawakami, T.; Butlin, R.; Cooper, S.
2011Chromosome Analysis in Invertebrates and VertebratesRowell, D.; Lim, S.; Grutzner, F.
2011The effect of radial injection on the particle distribution of an initially biased turbulent jetBirzer, C.; Kalt, P.; Nathan, G.; Australian Combustion Symposium (2011 : Newcastle, N.S.W.)
2011Evidence for population fragmentation within a subterranean aquatic habitat in the Western Australian desertGuzik, M.; Cooper, S.; Humphreys, W.; Ong, S.; Kawakami, T.; Austin, A.
2011Triple bottom line reporting in the irrigation sectorChristen, E.; Shepheard, M.; Meyer, W.; Stone, C.
2013Molecular phylogenetic, morphological and biogeographic evidence for a new genus of parabathynellid crustaceans (Syncarida:Bathynellacea) from groundwater in an ancient southern Australian landscapeAbrams, K.; King, R.; Guzik, M.; Cooper, S.; Austin, A.