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2010Finding needles (or ants) in haystacks: predicting locations of invasive organisms to inform eradication and containmentSchmidt, D.; Spring, D.; Mac Nally, R.; Thomson, J.; Brook, B.; Cacho, O.; McKenzie, M.
2010Life history traits and foraging behaviour of Cotesia nonagriae (Ollif) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a newly recognised member of the Cotesia flavipes complex of stemborer parasitoidsMuirhead, K.; Sallam, N.; Austin, A.
2010Is the Australian subterranean fauna uniquely diverse?Guzik, M.; Austin, A.; Cooper, S.; Harvey, M.; Humphreys, W.; Bradford, T.; Eberhard, S.; King, R.; Leijs, R.; Muirhead, K.; Tomlinson, M.
2012Explosive radiation of the genus Schizopera on a small subterranean island in Western Australia (Copepoda : Harpacticoida): unravelling the cases of cryptic speciation, size differentiation and multiple invasionsKaranovic, T.; Cooper, S.
2012The first mitochondrial genome for the wasp superfamily Platygastroidea: the egg parasitoid Trissolcus basalisMao, M.; Valerio, A.; Austin, A.; Dowton, M.; Johnson, N.
2012Use fast reactors to burn plutoniumBrook, B.; Blees, T.; Hannum, W.
2011Climate Change Biology. By Lee Hannah. Academic Press. Amsterdam and Boston (Massachusetts): Elsevier. $59.95Brook, B.W.
2011The use of Australian bioregions as spatial units of analysis to explore relationships between climate and songbird diversityWilliamson, G.; Christidis, L.; Norman, J.; Brook, B.; Mackey, B.; Bowman, D.
2011Clay mineral continental amplifier for marine carbon sequestration in a greenhouse oceanKennedy, M.; Wagner, T.
2012The oldest Zoophycos and implications for Early Cambrian deposit feedingSappenfield, A.; Droser, M.; Kennedy, M.; McKenzie, R.