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2012What lies beneath: Molecular phylogenetics and ancestral state reconstruction of the ancient subterranean Australian Parabathynellidae (Syncarida, Crustacea)Abrams, K.; Guzik, M.; Cooper, S.; Humphreys, W.; King, R.; Cho, J.; Austin, A.
2010Evolution in caves: Darwin's 'wrecks of ancient life' in the molecular eraJuan, C.; Guzik, M.; Jaume, D.; Cooper, S.
2012No consistent association between changes in genetic diversity and adaptive responses of Australian acacias in novel rangesHarris, C.; Dormontt, E.; Le Roux, J.; Lowe, A.; Leishman, M.
2010Testing putative African tropical forest refugia using chloroplast and nuclear DNA phylogeographyLowe, A.; Harris, D.; Dormontt, E.
2011Sodium and potassium released from burning particles of brown coal and pine wood in a laminar premixed methane flame using quantitative laser-induced breakdown spectroscopyHsu, L.; Alwahabi, Z.; Nathan, G.; Li, Y.; Li, Z.; Alden, M.
2012Reconstructing past species assemblages reveals the changing patterns and drivers of extinction through timeBromham, L.; Lanfear, R.; Cassey, P.; Gibb, G.; Cardillo, M.
2012A shared chemical basis of avian host-parasite egg colour mimicryIgic, B.; Cassey, P.; Grim, T.; Greenwood, D.; Moskat, C.; Rutila, J.; Hauber, M.
2011Passerine introductions to New Zealand support a positive effect of propagule pressure on establishment successBlackburn, T.; Prowse, T.; Lockwood, J.; Cassey, P.
2017The extent of forest in dryland biomesBastin, J.; Berrahmouni, N.; Grainger, A.; Maniatis, D.; Mollicone, D.; Moore, R.; Patriarca, C.; Picard, N.; Sparrow, B.; Abraham, E.; Aloui, K.; Atesoglu, A.; Attorre, F.; Bassüllü, Ç.; Bey, A.; Garzuglia, M.; García-Montero, L.; Groot, N.; Guerin, G.; Laestadius, L.; et al.
2010Decline and likely extinction of a northern Australian native rodent, the Brush-tailed Rabbit-rat Conilurus penicillatusFirth, R.; Brook, B.; Woinarski, J.; Fordham, D.