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2008Practical guide to reservoir managementBrookes, J.; Burch, M.; Hipsey, M.; Linden, L.; Antenucci, J.; Steffensen, D.; Hobson, P.; Thorne, O.; Lewis, D.; Rinck-Pfeiffer, S.; Kaeding, U.; Ramussen, P.
2012Eco-physiological adaptations that favour freshwater cyanobacteria in a changing climateCarey, C.; Ibelings, B.; Hoffmann, E.; Hamilton, D.; Brookes, J.
2011Resilience to bloomsBrookes, J.; Carey, C.
2008A generic, process-based model of microbial pollution in aquatic systemsHipsey, M.; Antenucci, J.; Brookes, J.
2008Ocean urea fertilization for carbon credits poses high ecological risksGilbert, P.; Azanza, R.; Burford, M.; Furuya, K.; Abal, E.; Al-Azri, A.; Al-Yamani, F.; Andersen, P.; Anderson, D.; Beardall, J.; Berg, G.; Brand, L.; Bronk, D.; Brookes, J.; Burkholder, J.; Cembella, A.; Cochlan, W.; Collier, J.; Collos, Y.; Diaz, R.; et al.
2005Multiple interception pathways for resource utilisation and increased ecosystem resilienceBrookes, J.; Aldridge, K.; Wallace, T.; Van Der Linden, L.; Ganf, G.
2012Physiology, blooms and prediction of planktonic cyanobacteriaOliver, R.; Hamilton, D.; Brookes, J.; Ganf, G.
2000Advection, growth and nutrient status of phytoplankton populations in the lower River Murray, South AustraliaBaker, P.; Brookes, J.; Burch, M.; Maier, H.; Ganf, G.
2010Retention of nitrogen, phosphorus and silicon in a large semi-arid riverine lake systemAldridge, K.; Cook, P.; Lamontagne, S.; Brookes, J.
2010Reservoir inflow monitoring for improved management of treated water quality - a South Australian experienceHobson, P.; Fabris, R.; Develter, E.; Van Der Linden, L.; Burch, M.; Brookes, J.