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2013Evolution of extreme-mating behaviour: Patterns of extrapair paternity in a species with forced extrapair copulationBrekke, P.; Cassey, P.; Ariani, C.; Ewen, J.
2012Capsaicin as a deterrent against introduced mammalian nest predatorsBaylis, S.; Cassey, P.; Hauber, M.
2012Development and characterization of 13 new, and cross amplification of 3, polymorphic nuclear microsatellite loci in the common myna (Acridotheres tristis)Berthouly-Salazar, C.; Cassey, P.; van Vuuren, B.; van Rensburg, B.; Hui, C.; Gardner, M.; Le Roux, J.
2012Postcopulatory mechanisms of inbreeding avoidance in the island endemic hihi (Notiomystis cincta)Brekke, P.; Wang, J.; Bennett, P.; Cassey, P.; Dawson, D.; Horsburgh, G.; Ewen, J.
2005Response to Comment on "Avian Extinction and Mammalian Introductions on Oceanic Islands"Blackburn, T.; Cassey, P.; Duncan, R.; Evans, K.; Gaston, K.
2010Interpreting the lists and equations of egg dimensions in Schönwetter's Handbuch Der OologieMaurer, G.; Russell, D.; Cassey, P.
2010Can museum egg specimens be used for proteomic analyses?Portugal, S.; Cooper, H.; Zampronio, C.; Wallace, L.; Cassey, P.
2009Are avian eggshell colours effective intraspecific communication signals in the Muscicapoidea? A perceptual modelling approachCassey, P.; Ewen, J.; Marshall, N.; Vorobyev, M.; Blackburn, T.; Hauber, M.
2008Lessons from introductions of exotic species as a possible information source for managing translocations of birdsCassey, P.; Blackburn, T.; Duncan, R.; Lockwood, J.
2005Foreword: The ecology and impact of non-indigenous birdsSol, D.; Blackburn, T.; Cassey, P.; Duncan, R.; Clavell, J.