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2017Cytological analysis of ginseng carpel developmentSilva, J.; Kim, Y.; Xiao, D.; Sukweenadhi, J.; Hu, T.; Kwon, W.; Hu, J.; Yang, D.; Zhang, D.
1998Ancient DNA from amber inclusions: a review of the evidenceAustin, J.; Smith, A.; Fortey, R.; Thomas, R.
1997Palaeontology in a molecular world: the search for authentic ancient DNA.Austin, J.; Smith, A.; Thomas, R.
2016Detecting recent selective sweeps while controlling for mutation rate and background selectionHuber, C.D.; DeGiorgio, M.; Hellmann, I.; Nielsen, R.
2009Breathing new life into old blood: cold-adaptive evolution of woolly mammoth haemoglobinCampbell, K.; Roberts, J.; Stetefeld, J.; Sloan, A.; Signore, A.; Howatt, J.; Tame, J.; Rohland, N.; Hofreiter, M.; Shen, T.J.; Ho, C.; Watson, L.; Austin, J.; Cooper, A.; Weber, R.; Congress of the new European Society of Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology (26th : 2009 : Innsbruck, Austria)
1993Genetic evidence for extra-pair fertilisations in socially monogamous Short-tailed Shearwaters, Puffinus tenuirostris (Procellariiformes: Procellariidae), using DNA fingerprintingAustin, J.; Carter, R.; Parkin, D.
2017Interactions between FLORAL ORGAN NUMBERâ‚„ and floral homeotic genes in regulating rice flower developmentXu, W.; Tao, J.; Chen, M.; Dreni, L.; Luo, Z.; Hu, Y.; Liang, W.; Zhang, D.
2012Evaluation of fungicides for the management of Botryosphaeria canker of grapevinesPitt, W.; Sosnowski, M.; Huang, R.; Qiu, Y.; Steel, C.; Savocchia, S.
2016Comparison of SNP and CAPS markers application in genetic research in wheat and barleyShavrukov, Y.
1980The eocene megafossil flora of Nerriga, New South Wales / by Robert S. HillHill, Robert Stephen