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2010Selection of diving strategy by Antarctic fur seals depends on where and when foraging takes placeGoldsworthy, S.; Page, B.; Welling, A.; Chambellant, M.; Bradshaw, C.
2009Predicting the rate of oxygen consumption from heart rate in barnacle geese Branta leucopsis: effects of captivity and annual changes in body conditionPortugal, S.; Green, J.; Cassey, P.; Frappell, P.; Butler, P.
2005Quantifying percentage cover of subtidal organisms on rocky coasts: a comparison of the costs and benefits of standard methodsDrummond, S.; Connell, S.
2004Evolution of the mane and group-living in the lion (Panthera leo): a reviewYamaguchi, N.; Cooper, A.; Werdelin, L.; Macdonald, D.
2019SMRT sequencing reveals differential patterns of methylation in two O111:H- STEC isolates from a hemolytic uremic syndrome outbreak in AustraliaForde, B.M.; McAllister, L.J.; Paton, J.C.; Paton, A.W.; Beatson, S.A.
2011Using DNA from museum specimens to preserve the integrity of evolutionarily significant unit boundaries in threatened speciesPaplinska, J.; Taggart, D.; Corrigan, T.; Eldridge, M.; Austin, J.
2003The genetic origins of the Andaman IslandersEndicott, P.; Gilbert, M.; Stringer, C.; Willerslev, E.; Lalueza-Fox, C.; Hansen, A.; Cooper, A.
2004Ancient DNA: would the real Neandertal please stand up?Cooper, A.; Drummond, A.; Willerslev, E.
2012Geographic range determinants of two commercially important marine molluscsMellin, C.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.; Brook, B.; Fordham, D.
2010Investigations into the biodegradation of microcystin-LR in wastewatersHo, L.; Hoefel, D.; Palazot, S.; Sawade, E.; Newcombe, G.; Saint, C.; Brookes, J.