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2007Can morphometrics predict sex in varanids?Smith, J.; Brook, B.; Griffiths, A.; Thompson, G.
2007Unreported yet massive deforestation driving loss of endemic biodiversity in Indian HimalayaPandit, M.; Sodhi, N.; Bhaskar, A.; Koh, L.; Brook, B.
2011Quantitative in-situ measurements of sodium release during the combustion of single coal particles using planar laser induced fluorescence.van Eyk, Philip Joseph
2007Multiscale modelling of the drivers of rainforest boundary dynamics in Kakadu National Park northern AustraliaBanfai, D.; Brook, B.; Bowman, D.
2007Meat's Carbon HoofprintBrook, B.; Russell, G.
2008Platypus globin genes and flanking loci suggest a new insertional model for beta-globin evolution in birds and mammalsPatel, V.; Cooper, S.; Deakin, J.; Fulton, B.; Graves, T.; Warren, W.; Wilson, R.; Graves, J.
2011Broad crowned trees and the hydraulic limitation hypothesis.Escoto-Rodriguez, Martin
2007Marine extinctions revisitedMonte-Luna, P.; Lluch-Belda, D.; Serviere-Zaragoza, E.; Carmona, R.; Reyes-Bonilla, H.; Aurioles-Gamboa, D.; Castro-Aguirre, J.; Guzman del Proo, S.; Trujillo-Millan, O.; Brook, B.
2007Rhysacephala novacaledonica sp. nov (Hymenoptera : Xiphydriidae)the first xiphydriid woodwasp from New CaledoniaJennings, J.; Austin, A.; Schiff, N.
2009The genus Neuroscelio Dodd (Hymenoptera: Platygastridae s.l.) reviewed: new species, distributional update, and discussion of relationshipsValerio, A.; Masner, L.; Austin, A.; Johnson, N.