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2008Phylogeography of the ancient Parabathynellidae (Crustacea : Bathynellacea) from the Yilgarn region of western AustraliaGuzik, M.; Abrams, K.; Cooper, S.; Humphreys, W.; Cho, J.; Austin, A.
2008Diversity and distribution of groundwater fauna in a calcrete aquifer: does sampling method influence the story?Allford, A.; Cooper, S.; Humphreys, W.; Austin, A.
2008Phylogeny of the parasitic microgastroid subfamilies (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) based on sequence data from seven genes, with an improved time estimate of the origin of the lineageMurphy, N.; Banks, J.; Whitfield, J.; Austin, A.
2008Environmental factors influencing daily foraging activity of Vespula germanica (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) in Mediterranean AustraliaKasper, M.; Reeson, A.; MacKay, D.; Austin, A.
2008Mitochondrial genome organization and phylogeny of two vespid waspsCameron, S.; Dowton, M.; Castro, L.; Ruberu, K.; Whiting, M.; Austin, A.; Diement, K.; Stevens, J.
2008Australian postgraduate research students still prefer to 'stay at home': reasons and implicationsKiley, M.; Austin, A.
2008The systematics and biology of Cotesia nonagriae (Olliff) stat. rev. (Hymenoptera : Braconidae : Microgastrinae), a newly recognized member of the Cotesia flavipes species complexMuirhead, K.; Austin, A.; Sallam, M.
2008Subterranean archipelago: mitochondrial DNA phylogeography of stygobitic isopods (Oniscidea : Haloniscus) from the Yilgarn region of Western AustraliaCooper, S.; Saint, K.; Taiti, S.; Austin, A.; Humphreys, W.
2008Colony characteristics of Vespula germanica (F.) (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) in a Mediterranean climate (southern Australia)Kasper, M.; Reeson, A.; Austin, A.
2008A molecular systematic overview of wolf spiders associated with Great Artesian Basin springs in South Australia: evolutionary affinities and an assessment of metapopulation structure in two speciesGotch, T.; Adams, M.; Murphy, N.; Austin, A.