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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Dangers of sensationalizing conservation biologyBradshaw, C.; Brook, B.; McMahon, C.
2007Applying the heat to research techniques for species conservationMcMahon, C.; Bradshaw, C.; Hays, G.
2012Long-term breeding phenology shift in royal penguinsHindell, M.; Bradshaw, C.; Brook, B.; Fordham, D.; Knowles, K.; Hull, C.; McMahon, C.
2009Shifting trends: detecting environmentally mediated regulation in long-lived marine vertebrates using time-series dataMcMahon, C.; Bester, M.; Hindell, M.; Brook, B.; Bradshaw, C.
2005Population status trends and a re-examination of the hypotheses explaining the recent declines of the southern elephant seal Mirounga leoninaMcMahon, C.; Bester, M.; Burton, H.; Hindell, M.; Bradshaw, C.
2008Tracking and data-logging devices attached to elephant seals do not affect individual mass gain or survivalMcMahon, C.; Field, I.; Bradshaw, C.; White, G.; Hindell, M.
2002Do southern elephant seals show density dependence in fecundity?Bradshaw, C.; McMahon, C.; Hindell, M.; Pistorius, P.; Bester, M.
2011Diet of juvenile southern elephant seals reappraised by stable isotopes in whiskersNewland, C.; Field, I.; Cherel, Y.; Guinet, C.; Bradshaw, C.; McMahon, C.; Hindell, M.
2011Spatial and temporal movement patterns of a multi-species coastal reef shark aggregationSpeed, C.; Meekan, M.; Field, I.; McMahon, C.; Stevens, J.; McGregor, F.; Huveneers, C.; Berger, Y.; Bradshaw, C.
2012Trophic ecology of reef sharks determined using stable isotopes and telemetrySpeed, C.; Meekan, M.; Field, I.; McMahon, C.; Abrantes, K.; Bradshaw, C.