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2008Integrating ecology with biogeography using landscape characteristics: a case study of subtidal habitat across continental AustraliaConnell, S.; Irving, A.
2013Eutrophication offsets increased sea urchin grazing on seagrass caused by ocean warming and acidificationBurnell, O.; Russell, B.; Irving, A.; Connell, S.
2005The response of encrusting coralline algae to canopy loss: an independent test of predictions on an Antarctic coastIrving, A.; Connell, S.; Johnston, E.; Pile, A.; Gillanders, B.
2011Restoring coastal plants to improve global carbon storage: Reaping what we sowIrving, A.; Connell, S.; Russell, B.
2005Patterns of association between canopy-morphology and understorey assemblages across temperate AustraliaFowler-Walker, M.; Gillanders, B.; Connell, S.; Irving, A.
2004Local complexity in patterns of canopy-benthos associations produces regional patterns across temperate AustralasiaIrving, A.; Connell, S.; Gillanders, B.
2007Antarctic patterns of shallow subtidal habitat and inhabitants in Wilke' s LandJohnston, E.; Connell, S.; Irving, A.; Pile, A.; Gillanders, B.
2002Sedimentation and light penetration interact to maintain heterogeneity of subtidal habitats: algal versus invertebrate dominated assemblagesIrving, A.; Connell, S.
2004Effects of kelp canopies on bleaching and photosynthetic activity of encrusting coralline algaeIrving, A.; Connell, S.; Elsdon, T.
2006Predicting understorey structure from the presence and composition of canopies: an assembly rule for marine algaeIrving, A.; Connell, S.