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2012Leaf evolution in Southern Hemisphere conifers tracks the angiosperm ecological radiationBiffin, E.; Brodribb, T.; Hill, R.; Thomas, P.; Lowe, A.
2012Near-tropical Early Eocene terrestrial temperatures at the Australo-Antarctic margin, western TasmaniaCarpenter, R.; Jordan, G.; Macphail, M.; Hill, R.
2010Early Oligocene Callitris and Fitzroya (Cupressaceae) from TasmaniaPaull, R.; Hill, R.
2012Palaeodistribution modelling and genetic evidence highlight differential post-glacial range shifts of a rain forest conifer distributed across a latitudinal gradientMellick, R.; Lowe, A.; Allen, C.; Hill, R.; Rossetto, M.
2010Contrasting responses to water deficits of Nothofagus species from tropical New Guinea and high-latitude temperate forests: can rainfall regimes constrain latitudinal range?Read, J.; Hill, R.; Hope, G.
2010Did Kauri (Agathis: Araucariaceae) really survive the Oligocene drowning of New Zealand?Biffin, E.; Hill, R.; Lowe, A.
2010Leaf fossils of Banksia (Proteaceae) from New Zealand: An Australian abroadCarpenter, R.; Jordan, G.; Lee, D.; Hill, R.
2011Silcrete plant fossils from Lightning Ridge, New South Wales: new evidence for climate change and monsoon elements in the Australian CenozoicCarpenter, R.; Goodwin, M.; Hill, R.; Kanold, K.
2011High conifer diversity in Oligo-Miocene New ZealandJordan, G.; Carpenter, R.; Bannister, J.; Lee, D.; Mildenhall, D.; Hill, R.
2017Leaf fossils of Proteaceae subfamily Persoonioideae, tribe Persoonieae: tracing the past of an important Australasian sclerophyll lineageCarpenter, R.; Tarran, M.; Hill, R.