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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A set of polymorphic microsatellites for Vochysia ferruginea a promising tree for land reclamation in the NeotropicsLowe, A.; Goodall-Copestake, W.; Caron, H.; Kremer, A.; Decroocq, S.
2002Leaf morphological differentiation between Quercus robur and Quercus petraea is stable across western European mixed oak standsKremer, A.; Dupouey, J.; Deans, J.; Cottrell, J.; Csaikl, U.; Finkeldey, R.; Espinel, S.; Jensen, J.; Kleinschmit, J.; van Dam, B.; Ducousso, A.; Forrest, I.; de Heredia, U.; Lowe, A.; Tutkova, M.; Munro, R.; Steinhoff, S.; Badeau, V.
2002Is there a correlation between chloroplastic and nuclear divergence or what are the roles of history and selection on genetic diversity in European oaks?Kremer, A.; Kleinschmit, J.; Cottrell, J.; Cundall, E.; Deans, J.; Ducousso, A.; Konig, A.; Lowe, A.; Munro, R.; Petit, R.; Stephan, B.
2005Monitoring genetic diversity in tropical trees with multilocus dominant markersKremer, A.; Caron, H.; Cavers, S.; Colpaert, N.; Gheysen, G.; Gribel, R.; Lemes, M.; Lowe, A.; Margis, R.; Navarro, C.; Salgueiro, F.
2002Comparison of levels of genetic diversity detected with AFLP and microsatellite markers within and among mixed Q-petraea (MATT.) LIEBL. and Q-robur L. standsMariette, S.; Cottrell, J.; Csaikl, U.; Goikoechea, P.; Konig, A.; Lowe, A.; van Dam, B.; Barreneche, T.; Bodenes, C.; Streiff, R.; Burg, K.; Groppe, K.; Munro, R.; Tabbener, H.; Kremer, A.
2009Reproductive biology of Corymbia citriodora subsp variegata and effective pollination across its native range in Queensland, AustraliaBacles, C.; Brooks, J.; Lee, D.; Schenk, P.; Lowe, A.; Kremer, A.
2001Assessment of levels and dynamics of intra-specific genetic diversity of Latin American tropical trees for conservation and sustainable managementLowe, A.; Bandou, E.; Breyne, P.; Caron, H.; Cavers, S.; Colpaert, N.; Degen, B.; Gribel, R.; Hernandez, M.; Kremer, A.; Labbe, P.; Lemes, M.; Margis, R.; Margis-Pinheiro, M.; van Montagu, M.; Navarro, C.; Wilson, J.