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2005Chloroplast and total genomic diversity in the endemic Costa Rican tree Lonchocarpus costaricensis (J.D. Smith) Pittier (Papilionaceae)Navarro, C.; Cavers, S.; Colpaert, N.; Hernandez, G.; Breyne, P.; Lowe, A.
2005Regional and population-scale influences on genetic diversity partitioning within costarican populations of the pioneer tree Vochysia ferruginea martCavers, S.; Navarro, C.; Hopkins, R.; Ennos, R.; Lowe, A.
2010Genetic consequences of multigenerational and landscape colonisation bottlenecks for a neotropical forest pioneer tree, Vochysia ferrugineaDavies, S.; Cavers, S.; Finegan, B.; Navarro, C.; Lowe, A.
2003A combination of molecular markers identifies evolutionarily significant units in Cedrela odorata L. (Meliaceae) in Costa RicaCavers, S.; Navarro, C.; Lowe, A.
2001Assessment of levels and dynamics of intra-specific genetic diversity of Latin American tropical trees for conservation and sustainable managementLowe, A.; Bandou, E.; Breyne, P.; Caron, H.; Cavers, S.; Colpaert, N.; Degen, B.; Gribel, R.; Hernandez, M.; Kremer, A.; Labbe, P.; Lemes, M.; Margis, R.; Margis-Pinheiro, M.; van Montagu, M.; Navarro, C.; Wilson, J.
2003Fine-scale genetic structure and gene flow within Costa Rican populations of mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla)Lowe, A.; Jourde, B.; Breyne, P.; Colpaert, N.; Navarro, C.; Wilson, J.; Cavers, S.
2003Chloroplast DNA phylogeography reveals colonization history of a Neotropical tree, Cedrela odorata L., in MesoamericaCavers, S.; Navarro, C.; Lowe, A.
2004Targeting genetic resource conservation in widespread species: a case study of Cedrela odorata LCavers, S.; Navarro, C.; Lowe, A.
2005Genetic resource impacts of habitat loss and degradation; reconciling empirical evidence and predicted theory for neotropical treesLowe, A.; Boshier, D.; Ward, M.; Bacles, C.; Navarro, C.
2012Shifts in reproductive assurance strategies and inbreeding costs associated with habitat fragmentation in Central American mahoganyBreed, M.; Gardner, M.; Ottewell, K.; Navarro, C.; Lowe, A.