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2002A set of polymorphic microsatellites for Vochysia ferruginea a promising tree for land reclamation in the NeotropicsLowe, A.; Goodall-Copestake, W.; Caron, H.; Kremer, A.; Decroocq, S.
2008Adaptive evolution in invasive speciesPrentis, P.; Wilson, J.; Dormontt, E.; Richardson, D.; Lowe, A.
2009Something in the way you move: dispersal pathways affect invasion successWilson, J.; Dormontt, E.; Prentis, P.; Lowe, A.; Richardson, D.
2009Biogeographic concepts define invasion biologyWilson, J.; Dormontt, E.; Prentis, P.; Lowe, A.; Richardson, D.
2007Can hybridization cause local extinction: a case for demographic swamping of the Australian native Senecio pinnatifolius by the invasive Senecio madagascariensis?Prentis, P.; White, E.; Radford, I.; Lowe, A.; Clarke, A.
2008Seed supply for broadscale restoration: maximizing evolutionary potentialBroadhurst, L.; Lowe, A.; Coates, D.; Cunningham, S.; McDonald, M.; Vesk, P.; Yates, C.
2009Predicting reproductive success of insect- versus bird-pollinated scattered trees in agricultural landscapesOttewell, K.; Donnellan, S.; Lowe, A.; Paton, D.
2004High nuclear genetic diversity high levels of outcrossing and low differentiation among remnant populations of Quercus petraea at the margin of its range in IrelandMuir, G.; Lowe, A.; Fleming, C.; Vogl, C.
2003Fine-scale genetic structure and gene flow within Costa Rican populations of mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla)Lowe, A.; Jourde, B.; Breyne, P.; Colpaert, N.; Navarro, C.; Wilson, J.; Cavers, S.
2006Effective seed dispersal across a fragmented landscapeBacles, C.; Lowe, A.; Ennos, R.