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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002High levels of genetic monogamy in the group-living Australian lizard Egernia stokesiiGardner, M.; Bull, C.; Cooper, S.
2002Sources of organic carbon in the Torrens River CatchmentWallace, Todd Andrew; Ganf, George Grinnell; Brookes, Justin D.
2002Maamingidae, a new family of Proctotrupoidea unique to New ZealandEarly, J.; Masner, L.; Naumann, I.; Austin, A.; International Symposium: "Parastic Hymenoptera: Taxonomy and Biological Control (2001 : Koszeg, Hungary)
2002Families of Australian HymenopteraAustin, A.; Iqbal, M.; Jennings, J.; Stevens, N.
2002A set of polymorphic microsatellites for Vochysia ferruginea a promising tree for land reclamation in the NeotropicsLowe, A.; Goodall-Copestake, W.; Caron, H.; Kremer, A.; Decroocq, S.
2002Roost characteristics of invasive mynas in SingaporeYap, C.; Sodhi, N.; Brook, B.
2002Collectors endanger Australia's most threatened snake the broad-headed snake Hoplicephalus bungaroidesWebb, B.; Brook, B.; Shine, R.
2002What makes a species vulnerable to extinction? Comparative life-history traits of two sympatric snakesWebb, B.; Brook, B.; Shine, R.
2002Critiques of PVA ask the wrong questions: throwing the heuristic baby out with the numerical bath waterBrook, B.; Burgman, M.; Akcakaya, H.; O'Grady, J.; Frankham, R.
2002Nest site selection of the house crow (corvus splendens) an urban invasive bird species in Singapore and implications for its managementSoh, M.; Sodhi, N.; Seoh, R.; Brook, B.