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2004Temporal changes in the quality of hot-iron brands on elephant seal (Mirounga leonina) pupsVan Den Hoff, J.; Sumner, M.; Field, I.; Bradshaw, C.; Burton, H.; McMahon, C.
2004Simulation tools for minimizing pathogen risk in drinking water reservoirsHipsey, M.; Antenucci, J.; Brookes, J.; Burch, M.; Regel, R.; International Conference on Hydroinformatics (6th : 2004 : Singapore)
2004A three dimensional model for Cryptosporidium dynamics in lakes and reservoirsHipsey, M.; Antenucci, J.; Brookes, J.; Burch, M.; Regel, R.; Van Der Linden, L.
2004Biology and host relationships of aulacid and gasteruptiid wasps (Hymenoptera: Evanioidea): a review.Jennings, J.; Austin, A.
2004The impact of perennial shrub loss on arthropod diversity and community structure in chenopod shrublands in the Flinders Ranges: ants as indicatorsClarke, S.; Facelli, J.; Austin, A.; Anderson, A.; Biennial Conference of the Australian Rangeland Society (13th : 2004 : Alice Springs)
2004Systematics, distribution and diversity of the Australasian Doryctine wasps (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Doryctinae)Belokobylskij, S.; Iqbal, M.; Austin, A.
2004The utility and limitations of chloroplast DNA analysis for identifying native British oak stands and for guiding replanting strategyLowe, A.; Munro, R.; Samuel, S.; Cottrell, J.
2004Does inbreeding and loss of genetic diversity decrease disease resistance?Spielman, D.; Brook, B.; Briscoe, D.; Frankham, R.
2004The importance of time scale in conservation biology and ecologyFrankham, R.; Brook, B.
2004Southeast Asian biodiversity: an impending disasterSodhi, N.; Koh, L.; Brook, B.; Ng, P.