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2013Brave new green world - consequences of a carbon economy for the conservation of Australian biodiversityBradshaw, C.; Bowman, D.; Bond, N.; Murphy, B.; Moore, A.; Fordham, D.; Thackway, R.; Lawes, M.; McCallum, H.; Gregory, S.; Dalal, R.; Boer, M.; Lynch, A.; Bradstock, R.; Brook, B.; Henry, B.; Hunt, L.; Fisher, D.; Hunter, D.; Johnson, C.; et al.
2012Plant extinction risk under climate change: are forecast range shifts alone a good indicator of species vulnerability to global warming?Fordham, D.; Akcakaya, H.; Araujo, M.; Elith, J.; Keith, D.; Pearson, R.; Auld, T.; Mellin, C.; Morgan, J.; Regan, T.; Tozer, M.; Watts, M.; White, M.; Wintle, B.; Yates, C.; Brook, B.
2012Long-term breeding phenology shift in royal penguinsHindell, M.; Bradshaw, C.; Brook, B.; Fordham, D.; Knowles, K.; Hull, C.; McMahon, C.
2018Climate change could drive marine food web collapse through altered trophic flows and cyanobacterial proliferationUllah, H.; Nagelkerken, I.; Goldenberg, S.; Fordham, D.
2012Long-term field data and climate-habitat models show that orangutan persistence depends on effective forest management and greenhouse gas mitigationGregory, S.; Brook, B.; Goossens, B.; Ancrenaz, M.; Alfred, R.; Ambu, L.; Fordham, D.
2013Rapid species identification of eight sympatric northern Australian macropods from faecal-pellet DNAWadley, J.; Austin, J.; Fordham, D.
2013Tools for integrating range change, extinction risk and climate change information into conservation managementFordham, D.; Akcakaya, H.; Araujo, M.; Keith, D.; Brook, B.
2012Conserving imperiled species: a comparison of the IUCN Red List and U.S. Endangered Species ActHarris, J.; Reid, J.; Scheffers, B.; Wanger, T.; Sodhi, N.; Fordham, D.; Brook, B.
2012Strengthening forecasts of climate change impacts with multi-model ensemble averaged projections using MAGICC/SCENGEN 5.3Fordham, D.; Wigley, T.; Watts, M.; Brook, B.
2012European rabbit survival and recruitment are linked to epidemiological and environmental conditions in their exotic rangeFordham, D.; Sinclair, R.; Peacock, D.; Mutze, G.; Kovaliski, J.; Cassey, P.; Capucci, L.; Brook, B.