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2012Stability of strong species interactions resist the synergistic effects of local and global pollution in kelp forestsFalkenberg, L.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2013Disrupting the effects of synergies between stressors: improved water quality dampens the effects of future CO₂ on a marine habitatFalkenberg, L.; Connell, S.; Russell, B.
2012Context-dependency in the effects of nutrient loading and consumers on the availability of space in marine rocky environmentsBulleri, F.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2012Predicting ecosystem shifts requires new approaches that integrate the effects of climate change across entire systemsRussell, B.; Harley, C.; Wernberg, T.; Mieszkowska, N.; Widdicombe, S.; Hall-Spencer, J.; Connell, S.
2011Seaweed communities in retreat from ocean warmingWernberg-Moller, T.; Russell, B.; Thomsen, M.; Gurgel, C.; Bradshaw, C.; Poloczanska, E.; Connell, S.
2011Forecasted CO₂ modifies the influence of light in shaping subtidal habitatRussell, B.; Passarelli, C.; Connell, S.
2013Contrasting resource limitations of marine primary producers: implications for competitive interactions under enriched CO₂ and nutrient regimesFalkenberg, L.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.
2013Eutrophication offsets increased sea urchin grazing on seagrass caused by ocean warming and acidificationBurnell, O.; Russell, B.; Irving, A.; Connell, S.
2010The direct effects of increasing CO₂ and temperature on non-calcifying organisms: increasing the potential for phase shifts in kelp forestsConnell, S.; Russell, B.
2012A short-term in situ CO₂ enrichment experiment on Heron Island (GBR)Kline, D.; Teneva, L.; Schneider, K.; Miard, T.; Chai, A.; Marker, M.; Headley, K.; Opdyke, B.; Nash, M.; Valetich, M.; Caves, J.; Russell, B.; Connell, S.; Kirkwood, B.; Brewer, P.; Peltzer, E.; Silverman, J.; Caldeira, K.; Dunbar, R.; Koseff, J.; et al.