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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Passerine introductions to New Zealand support a positive effect of propagule pressure on establishment successBlackburn, T.; Prowse, T.; Lockwood, J.; Cassey, P.
2011Speckles of cryptic black-headed gull eggs show no mechanical or conductance structural functionMaurer, G.; Portugal, S.; Miksik, I.; Cassey, P.
2011Repeatability of foreign egg rejection: Testing the assumptions of co-evolutionary theorySamas, P.; Hauber, M.; Cassey, P.; Grim, T.
2011Indications of phenotypic plasticity in moulting birds: captive geese reveal adaptive changes in mineralisation of their long bones during wing moultPortugal, S.; Butler, P.; Green, J.; Cassey, P.
2011Avian embryonic development does not change the stable isotope composition of the calcite eggshellMaurer, G.; Portugal, S.; Boomer, I.; Cassey, P.
2011Conspicuous eggs and colourful hypotheses: testing the role of multiple influences on avian eggshell appearanceCassey, P.; Maurer, G.; Lovell, P.; Hanley, D.
2011Alternative mechanisms of increased eggshell hardness of avian brood parasites relative to host speciesIgic, B.; Braganza, K.; Hyland, M.; Silyn-Roberts, H.; Cassey, P.; Grim, T.; Rutila, J.; Moskat, C.; Hauber, M.
2011Review: an embryo's eye view of avian eggshell pigmentationMaurer, G.; Portugal, S.; Cassey, P.
2011Fifty years on: confronting Elton's hypotheses about invasion success with data from exotic birdsBlackburn, T.; Lockwood, J.; Cassey, P.
2011Managing the risk of exotic vertebrate incursions in AustraliaHenderson, W.; Bomford, M.; Cassey, P.