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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Biogeographic barriers in north-western Australia: an overview and standardisation of nomenclatureEldridge, M.; Potter, S.; Cooper, S.
2011Chromosomal speciation revisited: modes of diversification in Australian morabine grasshoppers (Vandiemenella, viatica species group)Kawakami, T.; Butlin, R.; Cooper, S.
2011Evidence for population fragmentation within a subterranean aquatic habitat in the Western Australian desertGuzik, M.; Cooper, S.; Humphreys, W.; Ong, S.; Kawakami, T.; Austin, A.
2011Limited ecological connectivity of an arboreal marsupial across a forest/plantation landscape despite apparent resilience to fragmentationLancaster, M.; Taylor, A.; Cooper, S.; Carthew, S.
2011Molecular and morphological evidence for short range endemism in the Kinnecaris solitaria complex (Copepoda: Parastenocarididae), with descriptions of seven new speciesKaranovic, T.; Cooper, S.
2011Deep phylogeographic structuring of populations of the trapdoor spider Moggridgea tingle (Migidae) from southwestern Australia: evidence for long-term refugia within refugiaCooper, S.; Harvey, M.; Saint, K.; Main, B.
2011Habitat use, population dynamics and species identification of mulgara, Dasycercus blythi and D. cristicauda, in a zone of sympatry in central AustraliaPavey, C.; Nano, C.; Cooper, S.; Cole, J.; McDonald, P.
2011The evolution of eusociality in allodapine bees: Workers began by waitingSchwarz, M.; Tierney, S.; Rehan, S.; Chenoweth, L.; Cooper, S.
2011Cryptic grey-bellied dunnart (Sminthopsis griseoventer) discovered in South Australia: genetic, morphological and subfossil analyses show the value of collecting voucher materialKemper, C.; Cooper, S.; Medlin, G.; Adams, M.; Stemmer, D.; Saint, K.; McDowell, G.; Austin, J.
2011Third genus of Parastenocaridid Copepods from Australia supported by molecular evidence (Copepoda, Harpacticoida)Karanovic, T.; Cooper, S.