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Type: Journal article
Title: Strangeness contribution to the proton spin from lattice QCD
Author: Bali, G.
Collins, S.
Gockeler, M.
Horsley, R.
Nakamura, Y.
Nobile, A.
Pleiter, D.
Rakow, P.
Schafer, A.
Schierholz, G.
Zanotti, J.
Citation: Physical Review Letters, 2012; 108(22):222001:1-222001:5
Publisher: American Physical Soc
Issue Date: 2012
ISSN: 0031-9007
Statement of
Gunnar S. Bali, Sara Collins, Meinulf Göckeler, Roger Horsley, Yoshifumi Nakamura, Andrea Nobile, Dirk Pleiter, P. E. L. Rakow, Andreas Schäfer, Gerrit Schierholz, and James M. Zanotti. (QCDSF Collaboration)
Abstract: We compute the strangeness and light-quark contributions Δs, Δu, and Δd to the proton spin in nf=2 lattice QCD at a pion mass of about 285 MeV and at a lattice spacing a≈0.073  fm, using the nonperturbatively improved Sheikholeslami-Wohlert Wilson action. We carry out the renormalization of these matrix elements, which involves mixing between contributions from different quark flavors. Our main result is the small negative value ΔsMS̅ (√7.4  GeV)=-0.020(10)(4) of the strangeness contribution to the nucleon spin. The second error is an estimate of the uncertainty, due to the missing extrapolation to the physical point.
Keywords: QCDSF Collaboration
Rights: © 2012 American Physical Society
RMID: 0020119447
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.222001
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