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Title: Section II, 3ci - Names of places on the Murchison, Mt. Sir Samuel Lake Way, etc.
Issue Date: 4-Dec-2012
Abstract: Names of places on the Murchison, Mt Sir Samuel, Lake Way (Yarnder) etc. (obtained at Rottnest Island Prison, 1911-1912) Jinguru’s brother Muri’s map including rabbitproof fence; Jinguru: Ngaiuwonga - names of places on Canning’s Stock Route towards where Tompson and Shoesmith were killed; names of places traversed by Jinguru’s people, also on the other side of Winiburul towards Wardal and Peak Hill Road Way, also Lake Way Road from Mardin and Bila; Jinguru joined another track on his map as far as Gum Creek or Yalu-urdu; Jangari’s map centering on Wilurna or Lake Way; Road from Nannine to Lake Way (about 8 days’ journey); Information of Turada, a member of the Barduwonga group: named points of the compass, radiating from Yinolu to form a semi-circle round the district of the Barduwonga; 2 more maps of this area; Jangari’s information: Ngaiuwonga: map with points of the compass; Turada’s information: Barduwonga: a map with Barduwonga as centre, another map with Wijari as centre; names of rockholes along various routes given by Jangari, Turada, Jurdain and Muri; sentences from Jurdain’s wonga; Nyanawonga; Yingilit – Biningarap name of missing place on map, with story attached as to how it got its name; Wirdiwonga: `Kulingga, a Kaimera, gives information about other place names.
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