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The Barr Smith Library recognises the moral rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the owners of their knowledge. To this end, Special Collections is digitising the Daisy Bates Papers in our collections to enhance access for people who cannot travel to Adelaide. Please be aware that this site may contain sensitive information, including the names and images of people who have passed away and which may sadden and distress some Aboriginal people. This site may also contain language and terms used by an author that reflect an inappropriate attitude due to the historical context in which these records were created.

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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Nov-2014Section XII, 2G, 4 - Native vocabulary / Minbunga and Minjia (Lucy) of YuriaBates, Daisy
4-Nov-2014Section XII, 2G, 1 - Native vocabulary / compiled by Kumandura (f) of Arnding Water... & Nganggaraing (boy)Bates, Daisy
4-Nov-2014Section XII, 2G, 3 - Native vocabulary / Ngindilyn, Marbunga, Mandinga (girl) of Fowler’s BayBates, Daisy
4-Nov-2014Section XII, 2G, 2b - Native vocabulary / Boonjerin (m) of Boundary Dam areaBates, Daisy
4-Nov-2014Section XII, 2G, 8b - Miscellaneous terms, Central AustralianBates, Daisy
4-Nov-2014Section XII, 2G, 5 - Native vocabulary / Ibara or Wongarri of Kallain, Warrinya, Karamul, Burdarr ...Bates, Daisy
4-Nov-2014Section XII, 2G, 6 - Native vocabulary / Binilyn (f) of Baldu ...Bates, Daisy
4-Nov-2014Section XII, 2G, 8a - Vocabulary of central Australian tribes, compiled from the following natives: Mulgarangu; Dhamboo; Ginyin; Katamina, of Burrgum R.H.; Katurnunia R.H.; Wardunya, etc etcBates, Daisy
4-Nov-2014Section XII, 2G, 7 - Native vocabulary of the Yagganguri and other wongaaBates, Daisy
4-Nov-2014Section XII, 2G, 8c - Native vocabulary, compiled from various Ooldea notebooks – informants: Karrerrga, Wilgidi, etcBates, Daisy
27-Aug-2014Section XII, 2B, 25b - Native Vocabulary. Southwestern District. Champion Bay, Victoria District.Bates, Daisy
28-Jan-2014Section XII, 2D, 16 - Native Vocabulary. Compiled by "Yabaroo" Roebourne, Gnalooma and Mardathoni Tribes.Bates, Daisy
28-Jan-2014Section XII, 2D, 16a - Native Vocabulary of the Roebourne Dialect (Ngalooma)Bates, Daisy
28-Jan-2014Section XII, 2D, 17 - Native Vocabulary. Compiled by Mrs. Thomas Hardy of Warralong Station, Shaw River. Pilbara Magisterial District.Bates, Daisy
28-Jan-2014Section XII, 2D, 18 - Native Vocabulary. Compiled by Jas. G. Young of State Schools, Roebourne and Cossack. Roebourne Magisterial District.Bates, Daisy
28-Jan-2014Section XII, 2D, 16b - Native Vocabulary. Lower Fitzroy River.Bates, Daisy
22-Jan-2014Section XII, 2D, 14 - Native Vocabulary. From Leaflet No. 8. Roebourne, Nichol Bay.Bates, Daisy
22-Jan-2014Section XII, 2D, 13 - Native Vocabulary. Compiled from vocabularies contributed by; S.H. Meares, Tableland; F. Cornish, Roebourne; J.O. Brown, Roebourne, Cossack and La Grange Bay; F.A. Wedge, Boodarree, Port Hedland District; Charles Harper, Mouth of De Grey River; Hon. F.R. Barlee, Shaw River; A.R. Richardson, Nichol Bay; P. Walcott, Nichol Bay.Bates, Daisy
22-Jan-2014Section XII, 2D, 15 - Native Vocabulary. Extracts from Curr's Australian Race, vol. 1. Lord Gifford, Nor'west Cape. Hon. F.R. Barlee, Shark's Bay. Talinje and others.Bates, Daisy
22-Jan-2014Section XII, 2D, 12 - Native Vocabulary. Compiled from vocabularies submitted by; T. Carter, Point Cloates; J.H.T. Monger, Weeda Station, Gascoyne; Edward Cornally, Wandajee Station (Gascoyne & Ashburton); T.L. Richardson, Goscoyne; Rev. E.R. Gribble, Goscoyne RiverBates, Daisy
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 161