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Type: Patent
Title: Mutant Enzymes
Author: Wong, L.
Bell, S.
Whitehouse, C.
Issue Date: 2009
Assignee: ISIS innovation Limited, Oxford
Contributor: Ali, Suleman
Statement of
Invented by WONG, Luet Lok, BELL, Stephen Graham, and WHITEHOUSE, Christopher, assigned to ISIS Innovation Limited, Oxford, Suleman Ali agent for inventors.
Abstract: This invention relates to mutant enzymes with enhanced properties and processes for oxidation of organic compound substrates using such enzymes.
Description: Patent: L. L. Wong, S. G. Bell, C. Whitehouse (assignee: ISIS innovation ltd.). WO2009/047498A2 (PCT/GB2008/003407) filed October 8, 2008; published April 16, 2009 Methods for engineering Bacillus megaterium cytochrome CYP102A1 variants with enhanced monooxygenase activity and selectivity
RMID: 0020121322
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