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Type: Patent
Title: Method for Inhibiting Bacterial Colonisation
Author: Couper, R.
Huynh, H.
Issue Date: 2010
Assignee: Children, Youth & Women's Health Services, ARI Pty Ltd & NUMACO
Contributor: Davies Collison Cave
Statement of
Invented by F. Campbell, R. Couper, R. Butler, H. Huyhn, C. Tran; assigned to Children, Youth and Women's Health Service and Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd. Davies Collison Cave agent for inventors.
Abstract: The present invention relates to a method for inhibiting bacterial colonisation of mucous epithelium in a biological system. The method includes the step of administering to the biological system an effective amount of a mucolytic agent and one or more of colostrum, hyperimmune milk, or a component of colostrum and/or hyperimmune milk that is capable of inhibiting bacterial colonisation in combination with the mucolytic agent.
Keywords: AU 2004/262446
Description: PATENT: F. Campbell, R. Couper, R. Butler, H. Huyhn, C. Tran (Assignee: Children, Youth and Women's Health Service & Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd). AU 2004/262446 A1 (PCT/AU04/01059) filed Aug 9, 2004; published Feb 17, 2005; accepted Mar 4, 2010; Standard Patent Sealed Jul 1, 2010.
Patent #: 2004262446
RMID: 0020114550
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