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Title: Section IX, 4c - Weapons, ornaments, magic bones, arts, crafts, etc. A collection of notes from Murchison and surrounding districts.
Issue Date: 14-Dec-2012
Abstract: Turada from the Barduwonga people, his information, obtained at Rottnest Island Prison and Jangaria from the Ngaiuwonga people of the Lake Way district describe message sticks and their signs. System of punishment by spearing or strangling, list of weapons and utensils, arts and crafts such as hair string and opossum fur string weaving, making clubs and spears and firemaking. Bilbil, informant from Nannine district, describes message sticks and bullroarers. Areas in which certain types of decorative art (concentric circles, grooves, lozenges etc.) are more prevalent, seem to correspond roughly with the areas in which there are severe and less severe rites of initiation.
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