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Type: Patent
Title: Method for filtering image-based junk mails
Author: Hu, Weiming
Zuo, Haiqiang
Li, Xi
Wu, Ou
Luo, Guan
Issue Date: 2009
Assignee: Institute of Automation
Chinese Academy of Sciences
School/Discipline: School of Computer Science
Contributor: Zhou Guocheng
Statement of
Invented by W. Hu, H. Zuo, X. Li, O. Wu, G. Luo; Assigned to Institute of Automation and Chinese Academy of Sciences; Zhou Guocheng agent for inventors.
Abstract: The invention discloses a method for filtering image-based junk mails, which includes the steps of collecting a sample of the image-based junk mails to establish a training set of the image-based junk mails; extracting Fourier-Mellin invariant features of training set images from the training set as low level features of the images; carrying out analysis and dimensionality reduction to the Fourier-Mellin invariant features to obtain a low-dimensional feature vector for classification; and adopting the low-dimensional feature vector for training a classifier model and adopting the classifier model for classifying samples of new mails. The adoption of the method greatly reduces hazards caused by harassment of the junk mails for normal e-mail users.
Keywords: CN 200810100949
Description: PATENT: W. Hu, H. Zuo, X. Li, O. Wu, G. Luo (Assignee: Institute of Automation and Chinese Academy of Sciences). CN 200810100949 filed Feb. 27, 2008; Sept. 02, 2009.
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